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Compliance is king in Australia!

While protecting customer personal information is the number one driver for using encryption globally, in Australia compliance is king. The Australia Encryption Trends Study highlights how leading organisations are applying their encryption strategies and the challenges they are facing.

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Key Statistics


consistently apply an encryption strategy


say compliance with external privacy regulations is a top driver for using encryption


say employee mistakes is a top threat to sensitive data

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Australia encryption Trends Study Executive Summary
Australia Encryption Trends Study

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2020 Australia Encryption Trends Study Press Release
Press release

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Solutions to help implement your encryption strategy

nShield general purpose HSMs

Learn about the nCipher family of nShield HSMs and how they serve as the security backbone and root of trust for cloud deployments

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as a Service

Easy, efficient access to cryptography as a service

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FIPS 140-2 and common criteria certified appliances that deliver scalable cryptographic key services across networks

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nShield Container Option Pack

Deploy containerized applications in the cloud integrated with high-assurance nShield HSMs

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nShield Web
Option Pack

Cloud-friendly interface to high assurance HSMs

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Now in its 15th year the 2020 Global Encryption Trends Study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, is based on a survey of 6,457 individuals in 17 countries/regions.

The 2020 Australia Encryption Trends Study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, is based on a survey of 325 IT professionals. To find out more about the latest encryption trends and deployment choices in the region, download the report and discover how to protect the digital information you care about most.