Working in Partnership to Address Today's Security Challenges

Organizations today are demanding robust, high-assurance solutions to ensure the security of their critical information and defend against an evolving threat landscape. nCipher and Entrust have partnered to deliver award winning, cost-effective solutions for data protection and defense against sophisticated online and internal threats.

Enabling business strategies in traditional, virtualized or cloud-based environments

The nCipher and Entrust global partnership delivers innovative offerings for PKI, key management and identity management. With years of field proven service and based on FIPS certified hardware security modules (HSMs), our joint solutions provide multiple safeguards to protect information and user identities, increase organizational efficiency, and enable customers to apply comprehensive security policies and procedures that help satisfy stringent regulatory demands.

Protecting information and identities with proven solutions

Organizations use nCipher and Entrust products to provide strong authentication for users and to safeguard data at rest, in motion, and in use. Our combined solutions uniquely deliver high assurance protection while maximizing operational efficiency and scalability, adhering to the principles that:

  • Data protection and user authentication must be both secure and efficient.
  • Data protection strategies must be devised based on a clear understanding of who needs to access it, where it is stored, how and where it moves, and what applications use it.
  • Cryptography protects data effectively only if keys are secure and well managed.
  • Both logical and physical controls are needed to control access and protect sensitive information. Tamper-resistant hardware adds a critical layer of protection for sensitive applications and information.
  • The best data protection and user access strategies minimize compliance cost and complexity.

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