The nShield Family of General Purpose HSMs

nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) provide a secure solution for generating encryption and signing keys, creating digital signatures, encrypting data and more

nShield General Purpose HSMs

nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) provide a hardened, tamper-resistant environment for secure cryptographic processing, key generation and protection, encryption, HSM key management and more. nShield hardware security modules are available in three FIPS 140-2 certified form factors, nShield HSMs support a variety of deployment scenarios.

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The nShield difference: Security World

Only nShield HSMs feature Security World, a specialized architecture that provides unmatched capabilities in several crucial areas:

  • Full control: Security World provides strong, granular controls over the access and usage of keys and policies.
  • Easier backups: Unlike alternatives that require backup HSMs and labor-intensive HSM cloning, Security World enables simple, automated backups of HSM files.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Security World delivers unlimited key storage and the flexibility needed to align your HSM operations with your organization’s specific needs.
  • Streamlined HSM operations: nShield HSMs can be managed centrally based on unified policy and operational administration, no matter how many nShields you deploy.

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Powerful architecture

All nShield hardware security modules integrate with the unique Security World architecture from nCipher which creates a unique flexible hsm key management environment. With this proven technology, you can combine different nShield HSM models to build a unified ecosystem that delivers scalability, seamless failover and load balancing.

Performance and versatility

With nShield hardware security modules, you only buy what you need to meet your specific performance requirements. nShield Connect and Solo are available in three models that offer varying levels of performance, including a wide range of ECC options that deliver industry-leading transaction rates.

Protect your proprietary applications and data

nShield Connect and Solo HSMs don’t just protect your sensitive keys and data; these hardware secure modules also provide a secure environment for running sensitive applications. The CodeSafe option lets you execute code within nShield boundaries, protecting your applications and the data they process.

Public Key Infrastructures

nShield HSMs generate and protect root and certificate authority (CA) keys, providing support for PKIs across a variety of use cases.

Code Signing

nShield HSMs sign your application code so you can ensure that your software remains secure, unaltered and authentic.

Digital Certificates

nShield HSMs create digital certificates for credentialing and authenticating proprietary electronic devices for IoT applications and other network deployments.

White Paper: The nCipher Security World Architecture

The nCipher Security World architecture supports a specialised key management framework that spans the entire nShield family of general purpose hardware security modules (HSMs). Whether deploying high-performance, shareable, network-attached HSM appliances, host-embedded HSM cards or USB-attached portable HSMs, the Security World architecture provides a unified administrator and user experience and guaranteed interoperability whether the customer deploys one or hundreds of devices.


White Paper: Key Isolation for Enterprises and Managed Service Providers

It is vital for any business that relies on cryptographic keys to have assurances and enforceable policies around key usage. The nShield family of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provides that assurance. The Security World key management framework, supported by the nShield HSM family, enables organisations to create a structured key infrastructure that meets today’s dynamic and fluid requirements.

This paper demonstrates how it is possible to easily configure Security World to define a framework which permits both partitioning and multi-tenancy cryptographic key isolation strategies.


Data Sheet: CodeSafe Data Sheet

CodeSafe is a set of software tools that enables you to run applications in a secure execution environment inside nShield HSMs.


Data Sheet: nShield Remote Administration

nShield Remote Administration is a central management tool that lets you manage your geographically distributed nShield HSMs from your local office.


Data Sheet: nShield Monitor

nShield Monitor is a tool that lets you monitor, 24x7 and in one centralised location, all your nCipher HSMs.


Data Sheet: Web Services Option Pack

Reduce integration and gain simplicity using this API, providing a simple interface between cloud, data centre or on-premises applications and nShield crypto services.

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